Typinator: corrects your typing mistakes and more

Typinator is an excellent ‘text expander’ that works in the background. I use it when…

  • I want to insert today’s date – to write my daily journal, to write my daily accomplishments etc: I simply type ddate and this is replaced in whatever application I’m using by today’s date, for example “Tuesday, May 29, 2012”
  • I want to insert the time – to document what I’m doing right now so I can see at the end of the day what I’ve accomplished and at what time: I simply type ttm and “9:44AM ” appears (including an extra space after it) so I can add “Started writing a review of Typinator for blog” or whatever.
  • I’m writing emails, if I want to refer to one of my websites, then I just type an abbreviation.

Here’s a video to show how I use it…

Here are some other ideas of how I use this software to save some time, which might appeal to you…

  • hhh expands into http://
  • iPadd – www.iPadenthusiast.com [this and the next 2 are sites I have created]
  • tocc – www.triumphoverchallenges.com
  • aae – www.AlAinEnthusiast.com
  • phonn – my phone number
  • qx – QuarkXpress
  • ccarduk – [my UK-based credit card (great for entering into online forms if you don’t own the popular 1Password application for the Mac)]
  • ccarduae – [my United Arab Emirates-based credit card]
  • eml – [my email address (again, great for entering into online forms if you don’t own 1Password)]
  • ggmail – [my gmail-based email address]
  • phonn – [my phone number]
  • ccc – Chris Payne
  • aaaddr – [my full address with line feeds]
  • macb – MacBook Pro
  • warmm – Warmest, (new line, new line)Chris
  • efls – The Effort-Free Life System [the title of a CD set I created]

Here’s what Typinator looks like…


So you can see that I have 18 very personal expansions which I use a lot when I’m using my MacBook Pro.

If I mis-type a word, and I have some spare time, then I’ll copy that word and paste it into Typinator with the correct spelling, as I may make that same mistake again another time, so it’s nice to have it corrected as I type. (You’ll see in the photo that I have added 176 of these.)

For example, here are a few I have added…

  • anlayse – analyse
  • anythign – anything
  • appraoch – approach

If you’d like this set, which you can import into Typinator, or any other text expander software, then sign up for my email list, and you’ll get a link to it within 2 minutes from now.

Typinator also comes with thousands of mistakes collated by TidBITS: there are more than 2,300 of these. I have found a few words that I consider shouldn’t be there, so if you want my updated list of the TidBITS collection, just drop me a line and I’ll email it to you.

Also, if you can’t remember a contraction, you can press Ctrl+Enter and type in a few characters to get suggestions. For example, I have a site at www.triumphoverchallenges.com. If I type Ctrl+Enter then try I see the following…

Typinator 2

…so I can see that typing tocc will generate the full website name. Neat!

The final thing that’s great… Email support is superb. I have emailed a great guy there called Gue, and his responses have been clear and helpful.

The only other person who has responded brilliantly to my emails is Daniel Jalkut who creates MarsEdit (see my review of this here). (Most other companies, I find, do not reply, answer one question when I asked 2, answer incompletely so I can be none the wiser until I email back for greater clarity, take several days or even weeks to respond, and so on.)

Problems with Typinator?

  1. It can sometimes take about half a second for an expansion to appear: sometimes I mistype a word, quickly notice I have done this, and pressed the Delete key twice before Typinator has got round to correcting the word.
  2. If I’m entering text into a blog post in the WordPress Dashboard in Safari, then Typinator sometimes doesn’t work.
  3. You need to switch it off before using MacSpeech Dictate if you’re dictating directly into an application like Mail: if you don’t then you’ll lose the last letter of your spoken phrase. But you can dictate into MacSpeech Dictate’s own editor without a problem. (This issue is the same with all text expanders: it’s a problem that only MacSpeech can resolve, and they haven’t addressed it yet after several months of being emailed about it by many disgruntled users.)

In summary, a great piece of software which is a boon for increasing productivity. Get a demo copy here.

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Christopher John Payne

Chris helps coaches, trainers and consultants to double or triple their net income by optimising their website, product funnel, pricing structure, and more. He lives just outside London, England. His main site is at christopherjohnpayne.com.

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