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I come across lots of information on the web and in pdfs etc which I’d love to refer back to later. What I do is copy the text ‘snippet’ and paste it into a program called Together from Reinvented Software. I then add ‘tags’ which are key words which describe the subject area for the snippet. So if I find a great quote on happiness I can tag it as ‘quote’ and ‘happiness’. If I grabbed the text from a web page, Together logs the web address. I have more than 1,300 snippets in my Together database. I wouldn’t be without it. I used to use DevonThink to store my snippets, but I didn’t think I was getting the most out of it. So I tried Together, really liked it, and now use this exclusively.

Here’s what my screen looks like when I type ‘jobs’ into the Search box…


You’ll see in the search results section of the screen that Together has found the full transcript of the interview that Leander Kahney conducted with John Sculley about working with Steve Jobs which I grabbed from Leander’s great site Cult Of Mac. Leander has written 3 best-selling books: Inside Steve’s Brain, The Cult Of Mac and The Cult Of iPod.

Notice that’ve tagged this article with 2 tags: “steve jobs” and “hero’s journey” – and the link to the page where I got the text is above the tags area.

A very useful piece of software.

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