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Typinator: corrects your typing mistakes and more

Typinator is an excellent ‘text expander’ that works in the background. I use it when…

  • I want to insert today’s date – to write my daily journal, to write my daily accomplishments etc: I simply type ddate and this is replaced in whatever application I’m using by today’s date, for example “Tuesday, May 29, 2012″
  • I want to insert the time – to document what I’m doing right now so I can see at the end of the day what I’ve accomplished and at what time: I simply type ttm and “9:44AM ” appears (including an extra space after it) so I can add “Started writing a review of Typinator for blog” or whatever.
  • I’m writing emails, if I want to refer to one of my websites, then I just type an abbreviation.

Here’s a video to show how I use it…

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