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Together: snippets manager

I come across lots of information on the web and in pdfs etc which I’d love to refer back to later. What I do is copy the text ‘snippet’ and paste it into a program called Together from Reinvented Software. I then add ‘tags’ which are key words which describe the subject area for the snippet. So if I find a great quote on happiness I can tag it as ‘quote’ and ‘happiness’. If I grabbed the text from a web page, Together logs the web address. I have more than 1,300 snippets in my Together database. I wouldn’t be without it. I used to use DevonThink to store my snippets, but I didn’t think I was getting the most out of it. So I tried Together, really liked it, and now use this exclusively.

Here’s what my screen looks like when I type ‘jobs’ into the Search box…


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