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Typinator: corrects your typing mistakes and more

Typinator is an excellent ‘text expander’ that works in the background. I use it when…

  • I want to insert today’s date – to write my daily journal, to write my daily accomplishments etc: I simply type ddate and this is replaced in whatever application I’m using by today’s date, for example “Tuesday, May 29, 2012″
  • I want to insert the time – to document what I’m doing right now so I can see at the end of the day what I’ve accomplished and at what time: I simply type ttm and “9:44AM ” appears (including an extra space after it) so I can add “Started writing a review of Typinator for blog” or whatever.
  • I’m writing emails, if I want to refer to one of my websites, then I just type an abbreviation.

Here’s a video to show how I use it…

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MarsEdit: blog post editor

I own and run 14 websites. Until 5 years ago I would create them using Dream Weaver – or I would have them created for me using Dream Weaver, then update the content myself using DM. Not any more.

My current sites, like this one, iPad Enthusiast, my main siteTriumph Over Challenges (where I help people overcome the adversity in their lives), and Al Ain Enthusiast (for people who live in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, where I used to live), were all created using WordPress, a database-driven website structure.

I’m not the only one to discover WordPress: according to wikipedia there are more than 100 million sites built using it. The great thing about WordPress is that I can set up the bare bones of a site with effectively one click in a panel at my webhosting company, BlueHost. All I need to do then is get the design of the site looking good: I do this by assigning a Theme. (This is beyond the scope of this post.) So what about filling the site with content? Well, I can do that via what is called the Dashboard, visiting it using my Safari browser, and adding pages or blog entries. But the best way to add content is using an offline editor. And the only one of any note, for the Mac, is MarsEdit.

Here’s what it looks like to use…


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