LittleSnapper: screen capture and annotation

You probably know that you can take a ‘snap’ of the whole of your Mac screen, or a portion of it, using a simple key combination in OS X. The resulting file will generally appear on your desktop with a file name like this: “Screen shot 2012-05-27 at 11.24.07”. If you want something more sophisticated, use LittleSnapper. This enables you to grab all or part of a screen and store the resulting image in a program which looks similar to iPhoto.

It looks like this…


You’ll see that, for the top right picture of me turned into a Weeble, I have added the tags weeble and Chris Payne. You might just be able to make out on the left side at the top that I have 548 images stored in this program.

Once you have grabbed an image, you can then add arrows, numbered legends, coloured boxes and more. And even add blurring to a photo, perhaps to mask out a phone number or login details before posting online.

Here are some images where I have done this…

I emailed this image to my web programmer to show what changes I wanted him to make to one of the sidebar items at my site, though at this size you can’t see clearly all my annotations…


These next images point out various tabs at my site (for the town where I live), which I used in the intro video there…


I can also blur out sensitive information by clicking on the droplet tool that you can see in this next image, then dragging across the text I want to hide. You’ll see this image full size in my review of Typinator on this site…


I added markings to this sales letter I wrote for my Effort-Free Life System CD…

Kenny-G-LittleSnapper.png …to create a cover design for a product I have on writing profitable sales copy, which I created in QuarkXpress…

Heart-Centred Copywriting cover.jpg

And I also used LittleSnapper on my Triumph Over Challenges site to show where in the world I now live (we moved to Abu Dhabi last year from the UK)…


This is a superb program but I do have a few problems with it…

  1. Just now I selected Snap Window from the menu bar icon to snap the window for Leap (see my article on it). I waited for a few seconds… then started counting slowly… and got to 40 before the screen went grey! I clicked on the Leap window to tell LittleSnapper that that was the window I wanted it to snap, and it was a further 10 seconds before the screen flashed and I heard the lens shutter sound. This has happened a number of times before. (By the way, I have a very fast 2011 MacBook Pro with 8 gig of RAM – and I paid extra for the faster processor.)
  2. Equally, when I selected “Timed full screen” so LittleSnapper would take a snapshot after a 5 second countdown, after it counted down from 5 to zero, it was about another 2 seconds before the screen flashed as it took the shot. (Not a big issue: I’m happy to wait!)
  3. When I’m editing an image, there is a zoom slider at the bottom of the screen. I can never get this to work properly: I move it and the image grows way too big and too quickly.
  4. I found so many bugs and issues in my version of QuarkXpress (v8.1.6) that I liked to snap the screen to show Quark the problem I was having. Often I click on LittleSnapper’s lens icon on the menu bar and the pull-down menu won’t appear. I don’t blame LittleSnapper for this: Quark doesn’t work well with other Mac programs either!
  5. If I select an image and crop it, and go to ‘see all images’ view, then go back to the image I cropped, sometimes I can’t see the cropping marks so I have to use the slider to zoom out a little so I can see all 4 corners of the cropped area so I can adjust the crop.

Despite the above, I would wholeheartedly recommend LittleSnapper.

If this product interests you, go here to get it!

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Christopher John Payne

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