Here are a few to get the ball rolling… – my site covering how to get more out of your iPad. – my main site, where I help people to turn their knowledge into information products which they can give away or sell.

I created both sites above using the MarsEdit application reviewed on this site, with help from some of the other apps here too. – has more journalistic articles on all things Apple. A wonderful read. – brilliant commentary on Apple, its products, technology in general, and other great articles around the web. All comments are by a stunning smart guy called John Gruber. Some of his longer pieces, which he writes maybe once every couple of weeks, and incredibly well written and very insightful. – a terrific site covering Apple-related news, created by Leander Kahney who wrote the books Cult Of Mac, Cult of iPod and Inside Steve’s Brain.

www.9to5mac – another excellent Apple-related news site. – a useful Mac/iPad-related site: TUAW stands for The Unofficial Apple Weblog, and has great articles every day for Mac/iPhone/iPod/iPad users. – an amazing site created by a guy called Daniel Eran Dilger with many brilliant essays on the history of Apple, Microsoft and other related tech companies.

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