Inpaint review: remove objects or people from photos

Inpaint is a remarkably easy-to-use program from

Have you got photos that are spoiled because a person or object is in the way?

Inpaint provides you a quick solution!

Look at this photo here of my son Felix on a day at the Dolphinarium at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, which I’ve loaded into Inpaint…

Inpaint 1

Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of that arm on the right?

All you do is click on the red dot on the icon bar and ‘paint’ over the arm, which takes about 30 seconds. Here’s what the screen looks after a few seconds of painting…

Inpaint 2

And here is what the screen looks like when I’ve completed the job several seconds later…

Inpaint 3

Here comes the hard part! :) Click on the blue triangle icon, and a progress bar appears as Inpaint gets to work…

Inpaint 4

Several seconds later, the photo looks like this…

Inpaint 6


Here’s another photo I tried, of Felix with a set of swords he drew, coloured in, then cut out…

Inpaint 7

And this is how Inpaint improved it…

Inpaint 8

I’ll post more examples over the coming week or so.

Inpaint is available for both PC and Mac. Normally it costs $39, but they have a special offer at the moment, so you pay just $29.

You can download a free trial version so you can put it through its paces. The only thing you can’t do is save the resulting image. That’s fair, isn’t it?

Go download Inpaint right now at

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