How to send bulk emails on a Mac

Do you have a list of people you’d like to send a personalised email to?

Would you like to send an email and be able to find out if the recipient ever opened the email and, if so, on what day and time?

Would you like to send an email to a friend or colleague with a link to a page on the web – and be able to tell if or when they clicked on the link?

If any of the above interests you, then the software program to get is Direct Mail from e3Software.

I started using it myself today, and it’s easy to get started!

Here’s what I did to get the ball rolling and test it out…

1. I entered 3 names and email addresses into the main window of Direct Mail: 2 of my own email addresses, plus my brother’s details.

2. I wrote an email that looked like this…


You can see that Direct Mail will put the person’s first name after the “Hi” as it sends the emails.

3. I clicked Send.

I then went to my InBox in my Mail app and opened the first email to myself.

A few hours later I checked the stats in the program. You can see that my brother Mike looked at my email 3 times and clicked on 2 links, and that I opened my email at 16:52. My son Toby hasn’t opened my email yet…

Direct Mail1 2

Which links were clicked on?…

Direct Mail1

You can see in the shot above the addresses of the emails Mike clicked on.

And here is a pie chart showing that 2 out of my 3 emails were opened…

Direct Mail 2

I can also select to see what percentage clicked on links – and see a bar chart of how many emails were opened over the last few days, etc. (Notice that the legend for the pie chart overlaps the chart. A very minor issue in what is a superb application.)

Here’s a map which will plot where people are in the world who opened my emails…

Direct Mail

I’ll find out in the next day or so from e3Software why the map wouldn’t load, then post here an updated photo.


Let’s say you have a prospect and you want to know which of 3 services may be of interest to them. What you can do is include links in the email to 3 pages on your website, or to 3 pdf reports they can download. By looking at the statistics later you’ll see which, if any, links they clicked on!


I emailed e3Software twice before I decided to invest in this software. A guy called Ryan replied promptly – and with a detailed response to each question I asked. This kind of service is far rarer than you think: I buy a lot of software, and it’s amazing how often I ask a question and get no reply, or half a reply, or one question answered, but my second was ignored – etc!

I also heard part of a telephone interview with the programmer of Direct Mail, and he came across really well.

This means that I feel I can trust these guys – and you may feel the same way to.


1. The instructions to use this program are not ideal. On the e3Software site are dozens of topics, and the relevant answers are spread over dozens of pages. And the words seem to have been written by the programmer or someone close to the software, so they’re brief and don’t quite fill in every gap, so I felt a bit confused at times. Ideally they could do with being pulled together into one pdf with a friendly introduction and more hand holding.

2. The guys at e3Software are terrific programmers, and not highly skilled salesmen, so they don’t do the best job showing off just how brilliant this application is. They focus more on the features of Direct Mail, and not much on what the program can really do for you, and how best to make the most of it.

However, having said that, Direct Mail is really excellent, and I managed to get the program working just fine, and get out my first batches of emails – quickly and easily. And that’s what matters!

Free trial

You can try out Direct Mail for Mac yourself at e3Software’s site: you can send 5 emails free of charge to test out the way it works and how it reports back to you who opened the emails and who clicked on the links.

You will need to invest in the Pro version to get the reporting, but I’m sure you’ll recoup your investment quickly.

If you choose to buy this program, please enter my email address – chrispaynelifetools [.at.] – as I will get a small commission. That’s fair, isn’t it?

Bottom line…

If you want some software to enable you to send out bulk emails to a prospect or customer list, or simply have a far better idea of who is opening your emails and what they’re clicking on – at a price that’s less than the competition –Direct Mail may be just what you’re looking for.

5 out of 5 stars!

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