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When I want to upload files to my websites, such as ebooks, accompanying mp3s, and videos for my JW video player, images for a rotating banner, or images for a photo gallery, I use Fetch. The latest version includes the ability to see a QuickView of any of the files that are on my server, which is really helpful. The playful icon of a leaping dog is an added bonus…


Here’s what one of the folders on my www.triumphoverchallenges.com site looks like…


The main domain at the hosting site I use, Bluehost, is www.yourbiggestchallenge.com, but I’m not using that at the moment. All my sites are stored in this one account. You can see in the image above that I am looking in a folder called Videos-JW which contains video files for the JW Player I use on my sites if I’m not using YouTube to host them.

Inside this folder are 3 videos so far, so you can see the size of them, the file format, and the date I created them.

I can click on Get Info to see the following…


If I do a Cmd-C on the Intro 2 video file, and paste it here…


…you’ll see that Fetch put the ftp address for the file (which you could see in the Get Info box above) into the copy buffer. I can then replace “ftp://yourbigg:@yourbiggestchallenge.com/%2Fpublic_html/triumphoverchallenges” with “http://www.triumphoverchallenges.com”, and I now have the web address which I pass to the JW Player so it know which video to play.

Price: $29 (15-day trial available). Find out more here.

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