Disable automatic unzipping when you download a zip file

Have you ever downloaded a zip file to your Mac and noticed that the file was automatically unzipped?

Do you want to turn that facility off so the Mac keeps the file zipped?

(This is useful if, say you download a WordPress plugin as a zip file from a website then want to upload it into your own website.)

This is how you do it.

Go to Preferences in Safari…

Disable automatic unzipping 1

Under the General tab you’ll see this window…

Disable automatic unzipping 2

…and do as I say in the image above and untick the box against ‘Open “safe” files after downloading, so the window looks like this…

Disable automatic unzipping 3

That’s it! :)

By the way, I created the images above using a program called LittleSnapper, which generates the drop shadow and enables me to annotate the images with arrows, text, boxes etc. Find out more in my LittleSnapper review

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Christopher John Payne

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