Review: Air Display for iPad: more screen real estate

Do you wish you had a bigger screen?

Or are you debating whether to get an 11-inch, 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook?

You may want to consider getting an iPad, if you haven’t already got one, and the low-cost Air Display app.

This app enables you to site the iPad to the right or left of your MacBook (or PC laptop for that matter) – and drag windows or palettes across to it.

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Review: Day One diary app for Mac, iPhone and iPad

I love buying software for my Mac and iOS devices.

What keeps me buying is often noticing I have a problem, and wanting to fix that.

I have kept a digital daily journal for about 12 years. I have typed more than 300,000 words, mostly detailing the things I did each day. I started entering text into a Palm device which slotted into a folding keyboard, then moved up to an Alphasmart keyboard which used the Palm OS: this was a truly fabulous device. I ADORED it. I later upgraded to an Alphasmart Dana. As the Alphasmarts had a full-size keyboard it was easy for me to stick to my discipline of entering text every night.

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Dragon Dictate review: speech recognition from Nuance for Mac

Dragon dictate Mac

Update: I am now using Dragon Dictate version 3, and it is much better than version 2.5.2 reviewed below, but some of the bugs mentioned in this review are still in version 3.

I was one of the beta testers for version 3 and reported the bugs, but as of now, November 2012, Dragon Dictate is still rather frustrating to use at times.

My review…

I’m using version 2.5.2 of Dragon Dictate for Mac with a Plantronics noise cancelling headset I bought from ebay.

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MacSpeech Scribe review: transcribe audio files with your Mac

Mac Speech Scribe Voice Transcriptionist

MacSpeech Scribe is a companion application to Dragon Dictate from Nuance.

Dragon Dictate mainly transcribes live audio. You cannot ask it to transcribe from an audio file and correct the transcript phrase by phrase, hearing your spoken audio for that phrase, like you can on Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking for the PC.

So if you have a device like an Olympus digital recorder and you want to dictate onto that and have it transcribed, you need MacSpeech Scribe.

Below is my review. To save you time, here’s a quick summary…

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How to send bulk emails on a Mac

Do you have a list of people you’d like to send a personalised email to?

Would you like to send an email and be able to find out if the recipient ever opened the email and, if so, on what day and time?

Would you like to send an email to a friend or colleague with a link to a page on the web – and be able to tell if or when they clicked on the link?

If any of the above interests you, then the software program to get is Direct Mail from e3Software.

I started using it myself today, and it’s easy to get started!

Here’s what I did to get the ball rolling and test it out… Continue reading

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