My name is Christopher John Payne. 

I have used Apple products for years: I use my Mac to run my own business, selling personal development products by mail order and via the internet, for the last 20 years. If you know TED.com, I have co-organised a TEDx event, and spoken at that event, using slides created using Keynote, with help from QuarkXpress (a desktop publishing application).

I have been using an Apple Mac for more than 25 years. I even had an Apple Lisa with a heavy 20-meg hard drive in my home for a few weeks when I was reviews editor for the UK-based Apple User magazine (which was later bought by Dennis Publishing, publisher of Mac User). For Apple User I wrote a review of HyperCard, an inspiration for html linking, which was the cover feature that month.

I also run www.ipadenthusiast.com.

My main site is at www.christopherjohnpayne.com where I help people to turn their knowledge into information products which they can give away or sell.

Go here for now to find out more about me.

You can contact me by going to my Zendesk support site.


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